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Exploring Brain , is an organization to bring a meaningful transformation and a positive change in the life of every human being by exploring the brain potential. We at EB believe that every human being is born with an unlimited potential.

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Exploring BrainWhat is a COUNSELOR?
A 'counselor' (Life Coach) is a professional that assists people with many different aspects of life based on Brain Secrets of DMIT Report. This includes assisting with Behavioral and career issues.

There are 4 different of types of counseling processes in Brain Secrets (1.Parenting, 2.Academic, 3.Professional Career, 4.Relationship), each with their own specialty, and each serving a particular segment. The environment of a counselor's work usually depends on their specialty. Brain Secrets others counselors work with flexible work hours in order to accommodate its clients.

Benefits of Brain Secrets Counselor Certification Program
High Remuneration
We understand the importance of Counseling in this system and respects 'Life Coach' by paying the highest remuneration per session.

Dignified Work
We provide an opportunity to learn from 200 years old science (Past), serve to current generation (Present) and to design better tomorrow (Future). In true sense, Life Coach is a partner in making of 21st century.

Exploring BrainFlexible Working Hours
Being 'Life Coach' is not any fixed office-hours Job. One can work as per continence. We provide multiple timing slots for counseling session to cop up with your daily schedule.

Self Development
We offers extended training such as Counseling training, personnel training, Body Language Training, Personality Development, collective and many more to enable our Life Coach to perform up to the mark Counseling process.

Enjoy yourself
If education and training is your passion, if you can understand other's strength, Weaknesses, Emotions & Desires and guide them accordingly, if you wish to become well trained Counselor, then you are at right place. By doing all those things which you love to do, you can create an extra ordinary career exploring brain Counseling Certification Program and enjoy yourself.

Eight Types of Intelligence
Verbal-Linguistic Intelligence
Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence
Visual-Spatial Intelligence
Logical-Mathematic Intelligence
Interpersonal-Social Intelligence
Intrapersonal Intelligence
Musical-Rhythmic Intelligence
Physical World Intelligence
How to discover your talent?
We all have talents. No one has all talents. With Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligent Test (DMIT), a revolutionary system ...
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