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These nine months will be one of the biggest journeys of your life, but also one of the most challenging. Here your thought process and outside environment will play important role in the development of the brain of your child. The thought process of your child will be a reflection of your thought process during pregnancy from healthy brain development of your child to psychological support, get advice from experts.

Toddlers (0-3 Years)
From 0 to 3 years of age, emotional bend of a child starts to grow quickly. As brain's neuron activity is quite high at this stage so, it becomes mandatory for the parents to know their child potential as early as possible, so that they can make smart and easy decisions on parenting style and educational methods. Get advice from our experts on best parenting style for your child.

Children (4-12 Years)
From 4 to 12 years of age, the brain begins to prune the excessive synapses in an attempt to get organized and eliminate what is not necessary. At this age, children are curious to learn and they can absorb more than they will when they grow older. Discovering the learning styles and areas of intelligence at this age gives a clue on what courses and activities they should spend more time on. From activity selections to improvement of overall brain health, get advice from our experts.

Teenagers (13-25 Years)
The Teenage years consist of more aggressive pruning as the brain begins to specialize and build an identity. Discovering personality type, neuron distribution and learning styles of your child at this age can better enhance one's learning experience. Our experts will guide you in subject and educational stream selection which in turn will help you save your time, effort and money wasted over irrelevant courses. In short we will help you find the "Right Path" for your child

Adults (25+ Years)
Adulthood ushers in bit of pruning plateau, where some connections are diminished and others are enhanced. Understanding your child's are of intelligence, at this stage will help them grow personally and professionally. Understanding more about self can help them take better decisions and communicate better thus will ease the process of building up better relationships.

Eight Types of Intelligence
Verbal-Linguistic Intelligence
Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence
Visual-Spatial Intelligence
Logical-Mathematic Intelligence
Interpersonal-Social Intelligence
Intrapersonal Intelligence
Musical-Rhythmic Intelligence
Physical World Intelligence
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